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Q: How long does it take to polish rocks?

A: The time does vary depending on material and how well rounded you want the rocks to be when finished. Some material is harder and takes longer in Step #1 – grinding/shaping stage. This step alone can take anywhere from 1 week to multiple weeks. Another factor is the type of equipment being used to tumble your material. The short answer is typically 4-8 weeks. ** Soon there will be a whole page on the Tumbling process – going into detail on different rocks, grit, and polish, check back! 

Q:Do you have a favorite rock?

A: Now that is a very difficult question to answer, but if I had to pick one I “wood” pick Petrified Wood. Technically Petrified wood is a fossil, but it is my favorite! Because of its variety of colors and the fact that it really was a tree millions of years ago. Some pieces blow my mind with the visible rings and a mix of agatized or opalized sections. I have so much Pet wood too – from full size logs to smaller limb cast to even smaller incredible pieces. ( check back on the photos page for pic of these awesome specimens of natural beauty.)

Q: Where do you get all the rocks you polish? Do you find them all?

A: I do go out rockhounding locally and find some really cool material. I am a member of the Keene Mineral Club and we have access to a lot of off limit places that only allow clubs to visit. Most of the material I buy in bulk from different suppliers right here in the USA and is shipped to me. The material is from all over the world. The Mail Lady has my number and texts me when I have multiple “HEAVY” boxes 🙂 she is really great!